I’ve always been inspired by those who achieve more than the average. I look at these people – athletes, politicians, CEOs and so on – and while I wonder how they manage to fit in time for all the hard work they must do to get where they are I also understand them as what I typify as the Can Do type. There’s a great many articles on personal success – and some great examples of high achievers even in that space. I tend to wonder if those that were improving their self for some other goal, got so interested in the cycle of improvement that that is where they have landed themselves as a career.

In any case, I am fascinated by those that broke the boundaries of the ordinary – I’ve worked what I consider a reasonably ordinary job for many years but it seems that limit is only one I had consciously or unconsciously set for myself.

So to me, part of being a CanDoType is that while I’m always grateful for what I have today, that limit is not enough for the next frame of time.

I tend to believe that (sweeping generalisation) everyone ( well, at least everyone within a fairly privileged society and country like myself) has a great deal of choice about what they want to do next and if they can lead themselves in a Can Do way.

So this blog is about the various things in my journey, ranging from maintaining mind state even when things are tricky to practical tools and techniques I use and do to stay a can do type.

Hope you enjoy and feel free to participate!

Bill Soper

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