What is this blog anyway?

So this blog is about exploring 2 main things;

Firstly, what are the tips, techniques and tools that I use, to stay in the frame of mind that this website is titled: The Can Do Type.

I consider myself, to some extent, one of those type of people that can turn their attention to something and make a real honest go of it and make it work. But, I’ve also experienced the usual things that block someone progressing, in whatever field, with the number 1 of those being a lack of confidence. Obviously I’ve learnt and am still learning how to deal with that and all associated “soft skill” areas – how to deal with being overwhelmed with information, finding time to do the things I want to get done and so on. When I was younger I didn’t put much stock in this kind of conversation, but as time goes on, it’s easier to realize that the difference between the really successful and the person that didn’t manage to do (whatever it was) really only came down to their state of mind. It’s yourself that controls what you’ll do next. So I can choose to sail along as things are – which by the way, is also all good if you are happy with that – or you choose to be more a can do type and really get to where you want to be. There’s actually a lot to this topic so there will be posts about various aspects of this.

Second thing this blog is about is my explorations into the “mythical online income” stream. My background and career has been in mainframe and related software, working in various titles, as a software engineer, team leader and development manager for IBM. I still work in this area for another large company now, still with a hands on technical role.

So why would I be looking at anything else? Well, because even though I’m grateful for the work I do, it’s still just an ok salary that ceases as soon as I stop working. I’d like to be setting myself up so that the old adage of “work smarter, not harder” actually becomes a truism for me and the vast array of possibilities in the online arena is really interesting from that perspective. While realistically I expect a lot of hard work to set up such things, I believe that it can be done and I will outline what I’m doing towards that in this blog and show, not everything, but the best things that I find along the way to build what I wanted.

If you are still reading, then welcome aboard and I sincerely hope I can help you to get to fulfil your Can Do wishes too!


Bill Soper – the Can Do Type!

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